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Fabula Nova Crystallis Awards

Fabula Nova Crystallis Icon Awards
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An icontest dedicated to the Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy series
» Welcome

To fabula_awards, an icon test dedicated to the new SQUARE ENIX Final Fantasy Compilation: Fabula Nova Crystallis. This icontest will run every fortnight- meaning, you have two weeks to complete an icon before a new theme is announced after voting and showcasing the winner of the week. This community will essentially run just like fabulawards, which sadly closed down. :(

This is a friendly and non pressure community, so even if you are new to icon making, don't be afraid! You can still join and participate in the fun. :)Your mod for this community is nabreus. If you like to be a banner maker, please comment on one of the entrie and I will get back to you asap.

» Rules
1. Please Join and Watch the community if you intend to participate
2. Only official Square Enix media is allowed, no doujinshi or fan art will be accepted
3. Please use images and various media from these games and no other Square Enix title
3. Icons must follow LiveJournal standards: no more than 40k, no bigger then 100x100 in size and must meet the criteria of the current theme
4. Currently animated icons are not allowed
5. Please do not display your icon until results are up
6. Please vote fairly, do not log onto multiple accounts and vote for yourself; or get your friends to vote for you.
» How to Submit

URL: _________

Icon by t_elosx
Icons will be due at 8 PM PST/11 PM EST on Fridays. Voting will commence during the weekned and results and a new theme will be posted Sunday nights.
» Resources

Here are some Final Fantasy XIII related sites that have good media galleries, if you do know of any others, please! let me know!

Final Fantasy 13.org
Final Fantasy-XIII.net
Final Fantasy XIII US
» Affiliates & Contact